7 TIPS To Cultivate Your Inner Wisdom

Generally we spend too much time with our senses and our awareness streaming outward to others, work and the world. But in a split second, we can locate and harvest our Inner Wisest Self by turning our senses and awareness inward.

Here are some great practices to help you connect with your INNER WISDOM. Try one, two, or more of these Tips:



  1. BE HERE NOW. Take a moment to notice your body, sensations… breath… aware of what you sense around you – sounds, colors, textures.
  2. BODY MOVEMENT. We spend too much time not moving! Set your timer (singing bowl or another peaceful sound is best) and take MOVEMENT breaks each half hour or so. Practice a daily yoga, tai chi, or other movement practice. You’ll feel better and be able to more easily connect with your truest Self on demand!
  3. AS BEST YOU CAN, ACCEPT THIS MOMENT. This moment contains so many things: sensations, feelings, and your awareness. Once you notice what IS here in this moment, as best you can, be with it. There is no need to push anything away, cling to anything, or wish it, or you was different.
  4. NAME YOUR FEELINGS. Place your hand on your belly and notice how you feel right now. Find a word to describe it: ‘bland’ ‘angry’ ‘happy’ are some examples. All feelings are worthy of being noticed.
  5. PRACTICE SELF-COMPASSION. This is not self-indulgent but feeds others and the world around you when you give yourself a break. Let go of judging yourself and your actions. Recall someone you see as a Compassionate Being and imagine them giving you Compassion right now.
  6. JOURNAL-AUTOMATIC WRITING. Pick up your journal or a piece of paper and let your pen fly jotting down what comes to mind and heart! Anything goes here – do not worry about getting it right or it making any sense. You may like to start with the prompt “My Inner Wisest Self speaks to me and says…”
  7. CREATE A RITUAL. Take time at the same time every day to practice any or all of these TIPS. Morning when you 1st awaken, or just before bed at night are great times.

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