7 TIPS to Increase Your Spark


Are you feeling a little Dull? Rusty? Burned out? Here are some great practices to help you find your light and center again.



  1. Enjoy this Present Moment: view each day is a Field of New Possibilities. Allow yesterday to remain there without pulling into today. Make a Fresh Start.
  2. Each Day Do Something DIFFERENT, Out of Your Regular Routine or Habit: Surprise Yourself! Drive a new direction, eat something else, try a new posture…
  3. What Movement Brings You Joy? Swing from a Branch, Climb a Tree, Try One Yoga Pose, Dance to One Song… Find ways to let your body move in Joy! And weave them into each morning, afternoon, and evening – it does not take long.
  4. Live and Act in Alignment with Your Truth and Your Purpose.
  5. Do Not Take Things Personally: a lot of energy is zapped up in imagining it has something to do with you. Don Miguel Ruiz says ‘Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves.’
  6. Create Space To Be: take time-outs to get spacious throughout each day – gaze at the sky and clouds, peer into a flower, gaze into a stream…
  7. Do the Things You Love and that Light You Up! Life and our time is too precious to spend much time on anything else.

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