Achala Agni Mudra

This mudra can enhance your digestive potency in a balanced and steady way, as well as allowing you to ‘digest’ experiences in the mental-emotional level.

“My Purifying Fire Boosts My Radiant Vitality.”

HOW TO: Hands are held in front of the solar plexus area, with fingers pointing forward. Hold for 5-10 natural breaths. State the intention statement three times out loud, then silently. Notice how you feel in body, mind, and emotions. No known cautions.

🌈FIVE ELEMENTS: Achala Agni Mudra balances both 🔥FIRE ELEMENT as it activates and awakens ‘agni’ the digestive fire; and 🌍EARTH ELEMENT as it allows you to cultivate greater emotional balance thus increasing feeling grounded and stable.

  • Enhances potency of the digestive system.

  • Facilitates release of toxins that can lead to disease.

  • By helping to integrate thoughts and feelings from life experiences, enthusiasm, vitality and clarity increase.

  • Cultivates one’s self-esteem.

  • Increases clarity of seeing one’s direction in life with greater light.


Information provided here is used by permission and modified from Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage.

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