AUTUMN: 5 EASY STEPS to Stay Balanced


The essence of autumn is one of dispersion – characterized by its cool, dry, windy, and unpredictable nature. This season can often make us feel chilled, apprehensive, disoriented, and unstable making it difficult to sleep and feel calm amongst other effects. Traditional Chinese Medicine views this time of year as governed by the METAL ELEMENT; and the principles of yoga and Ayurveda recognize the dominance of AIR and ETHER elements during this period.

To thrive and maintain equilibrium in the midst of these shifting energies, it’s beneficial to make some seasonal adjustments. Here are five simple strategies to ensure you stay balanced and healthy this autumn.

photo: Aggeliki Salamaliki

1. STAY WARM: Cover up in layers so you can add or peel them to stay warm. Get out your blankets, throws, and shawls for around the house and for your yoga practice, especially Savasana pose when you cool down in relaxation. Stay hydrated with warm teas and room temperature water throughout the day.

Eat less raw veggies and fruits, and add more warming foods and spices like:

  • ginger
  • baked apples with raisins
  • apple + pear sauces (my fav! just chop local apples and pears up, then saute in water a bit of water with cinnamon, ginger, cardamon and sea salt for 10 minutes)
  • oven roasted root veggies (beets, carrots, turnips, and parsnips).

2. OIL UP! Autumn is DRYING. This will also aid in your SLEEP MMMMMMMMmmmmmm if you do this before bed. Rub your ears and feet with oil (organic sesame or Ayurvedic oils from Banyan Botanicals or Sarada are great). Massage for a few minutes if you can! Put socks on and it will absorb into your feet quite quickly.

3. DO LESS. REST MORE. GO TO BED EARLIER. Catch up on all that energy you spent during the summer now! Go inward and begin to hibernate. This will also help you to integrate all the feelings, emotions and thoughts swirling around in you.

4. FRESH AIR. NATURE. GET OUTSIDE. MOVE YOUR BODY. Being outdoors when the season is changing will help your body and being acclimatize to the changes each season brings. Enjoy the fresh air. Marvel at the beauty of the new colors – their last hurrah before winter.

  • Toss leaves in the air, smell the fragrance.
  • Swing from a tree branch. Get playful!
  • Go for bikeride, or a brisk walk.

5. HONOR YOUR LUNGS – BREATHE – IMMUNE BOOSTING. Strengthen your immune system now before the virus season arrives.

  • Breathe complete and full conscious breaths.
  • Use a reminder or breathing app to take breaks throughout your day to breathe deeply.
  • Tap under your collar bones, and sternum with fingertips or loose fists to awaken Lungs and Thymus gland for an immune boost.

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