Abhyanga Self-Massage with HANDOUT


Abhyanga is a potent healing and rebalancing self-massage for your internal five elements. The rhythmic flow of movement activates the lymphatic system to help you detoxify. And the relaxing nature of this massage shifts you into the parasympathetic healing mode of the nervous system, allowing your body and being a chance to balance and heal naturally.

You can practice Abhyanga ‘dry’ over clothing or directly on the skin. Or you may like the addition of warmed oil on skin like almond or sunflower oils (BanyanBotanicals.com has many options for constitution and season). When using oils, take a shower afterward, using minimal soap to allow the oil to soak in. The oil acts as a ‘medicine’ which the steam of the shower helps the skin and nerves absorb. This aids in calming both the mind and nervous system, and also the oil and steam draw impurities and toxins out of the body.

Practice daily if possible: in the morning or before bed at night are good times. Seated comfortably on the floor, use long, repetitive strokes on the bones; and circular strokes on the joints. I send you many blessings on your journey of health and wellness!


Here’s a great starter video on how to do Abhyanga Self-Massage with Warm Oil by Banyan Botanicals:


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