Behold Beauty Mudra

“Grounded in my True Self, I behold beauty within and all around me.”

(left hand under right, hands are held in front of the heart like prayer mudra)

This mudra arose within my practice while I was on retreat in a deep meditative space. This is the first mudra that I’m sharing that came from within me! As a child we use to make little scenes inside of ½ a walnut shell with a little cotton ball fluff and small characters. What resulted was so precious and sweet.

My hands feel like they become that protective environment of the shell, and the thumbs — representing the ego, personality, thinking-mind aspect — are held, soothed, and nourished by the larger container of our whole Self. When the ego part of us is calm, only then does our compassionate heart — and higher-mind — have the ability arise within us to bring a sense of appreciation, receptivity and gratitude.

Nourishing and soothing to both heart and lungs, practicing Behold Beauty Mudra can raise your energy and breath upward into your chest to uplift your mood. Practicing this mudra can take you deeper inside your heartspace, increasing energy and vitality here where it’s required to be able to genuinely see AND receive beauty.


The easiest way to come into Behold Beauty Mudra is to first place your LEFT fingers underneath your RIGHT. Then bring your thumbs together like two doors held in the cradle of your hands. Bring hands in front of your chest to hold the mudra. Hold for 5-10 natural breaths repeating the phrase aloud and silently.


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