Being Love

We may think of love only as a feeling,

and wait hopefully for it’s arrival — love of another person, love of life, love of one’s daily activities, or love of one’s practice. But if we wait to magically feel love before living fully with love, we may never learn love’s true wealth. The feeling of love is beautiful and life-giving, but our loving needs to come from a deeper place of trust that,

‘I am always loved, and I am already loved’

To love is to live according to the knowledge that you are infinitely loved by the Universe and called to Be Love in every thought, word and action. Being Love in the world is our task. Usually we know what the loving thing to do is, and if we follow our own inner knowledge and live with love, even if others are not able to acknowledge or return love, our feelings will catch up with our actions… And so love grows in the world.





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