Bhairava Mudra

Feel more FREEDOM and UNITY with Bhairava Mudra! When you know you are whole and complete exactly as you are – regardless of personality, perceived imperfections, likes and dislikes, and the influences of the world around you – there is less to push against, more to feel connected to within oneself, others and the world.

“I rest in the Wholeness and Fullness of my True Self.”

One of the things I love about Bhairava mudra is its simplicity. As my hands ‘rest’ in this position, I am reminded to take REST within the rest of me: body, mind and heart. This helps me to remember that I do not need to always be active, doing, thinking and sometimes meddling! Bhairava helps me to become calmer and more trusting that this moment, and myself in this moment, is just right, just as it is. I can sense into my inner silence and stillness, and know that I am whole.

FIVE KOSHAS: Bhairava increases your ability to step back to feel and to notice all aspects of who you truly are. When you ‘observe’ as the Witness called Vijnanamaya Kosha in Sanskrit, this part of you who accepts and loves all your levels of being (koshas): physical, energy-breath, mind-emotions, wisdom-witness, bliss-unity levels, you grow in wisdom and spiritual maturity.

HOW TO: Place your Left hand in your lap and rest your Right hand in the cup of your left hand, both palms upward. Hold for 5-10 natural breaths. State the affirmation three times out loud, then silently.


  • Creates a sense of inner balance and completeness.
  • Calms the breath thereby increasing relaxation.
  • Activates and nourishes all Five Elements, Chakras, Pranas, Doshas, and systems of the body as this is a mudra of pure balance.
  • Enhances wisdom and unity within.
  • Instills deep peace and inner silence.


These Mudras are inspired by Mudras for Healing 
and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage.

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