Cooling Breathwork to Chill By


Fire element comes into fullest expression during the summer with excitement, warmth, and outward flowing energy. During this intense ‘yang’ time of the year, we can feel increased heat, anxiety, agitation, irritability, anger and insomnia. We can burn out by summer’s end.

Try these relaxing and cooling ‘yin’ breathing techniques to help you stay chill this summer! These breaths will be helpful to you all year long if you experience inflammation, experience hot flashes, or have a primarily fire element constitution.

KAKI Crow Mudra Breath

  • With pursed lips almost like drinking through a straw, INHALE slowly sipping air into your belly.
  • EXHALE through the nose longer than the inhale.
  • Feel the cooling action on your tongue, almost like mint. Repeat several more times.
  • (for a milder effect, try EXHALING through pursed lips, and INHALING through the nose)


SHEETALI Cool Breath

  • Roll your tongue and INHALE through your tongue slowly to fill your belly.
  • Then EXHALE through the nose longer than the inhale.
  • Repeat several more times. (If you are not able to roll your tongue then practice Kaki Breath instead).


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