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Deep Listening Mudra Flow

This flow of mudras will allow you to calm and relax muscular tension in your head, inviting your senses to open to receive, and draw you inward to hear your own inner voice. Stilling and soothing the mind, this flow can lead you into feeling a sense of gratitude for all that is, improving your ability to genuinely listen to the voices and hearts of others.

Hold each mudra for 5-10 natural breaths and repeat the statement aloud, and then silently a few times.

Mahashirsha Mudra  Great Head

“As tension is released from my mind and head, I am more open to receive.”

‘Great head’ is referring to the sense of lightness and ease that can be attained by practicing this mudra and affirmation. Calming and cooling the body and mind, thoughts and feelings can be let go to bring soothing to the sense organs that can get overworked in our modern society. It can help release tension in the jaw, reduce stress in the body and especially the head, and provide relief from headache.

Instructions: Tuck ring finger into center of palm, press middle and index fingertips onto thumb tip, extend little finger. Place elbows into your waist with hands facing upward or rest hands facing upward on your lap.


Angushtha Mudra

“Listening to the voice of my inner being, I receive guidance from within.”

Angushtha Mudra enhances Akasha, the Space Element, helping you to become more open minded and awaken to your own limitlessness. It can relax and release tensions in the shoulders, throat and neck, helping the energy to flow in this area which can benefit the thyroid, cervical spine, and improve speaking and singing ability and fluency. These effects help you to hear the subtlety of your inner voice for the truest guidance.


Chin Mudra

“Seeing the divine in every Being, I welcome in all creation, living with genuine thankfulness.”

Chin means ‘consciousness’, and this mudra allows you to sense the divine presence within every being and all creation. Your inhalation and exhalation gently lengthens to create more relaxation, balance and stability within, encouraging attention going inward to rest within the space of your inner self. It is in this sense of space and silence within that we can touch our inherent gratitude for all that is. This allows us to openly hear the essence of what another is sharing with us and we are able to fully and attentively listen.


These mudras and information provided are modified from Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage, Integrative Yoga Therapy.

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