Dharma Chakra Mudra


‘Dharma’ refers to the Wheel of the Eternal, and ‘Chakra’ is a vortex or wheel of energy that resides in the central axis of the torso in the energy body.

This mudra assists full breathing and flow of energy through the entire torso, especially nourishing the Chakra Wheels of Energy.  The results can help to balance all the systems of the body, and facilitate an overall sense of wholeness and well-being that the circle represents.


“Balanced Vitality Radiates Through My Whole Being.”


HOW TO: Left hand is held facing towards the navel with thumb touching pointer finger. Right hand is held the same, but facing outward like the rays of your Solar Chakra.

Hold for 5-10 natural breaths. State the intention statement three times out loud, then silently. Notice how you feel in body, mind, and emotions. No known cautions.

FIVE ELEMENTS: Dharma Chakra Mudra activates and balances all of the Five Elements, all of the Chakras, and all of the Vayu Energy Currents withing, allowing you to come into perfect balance and harmony.

  • Lengthens and aligns both the physical posture and the Chakras.

  • Supports feeling balanced, whole and equanimous.

  • Increases sense of well-being and harmony.

  • Balances the energy channels and Vayu currents.

  • Great for enhancing full breathing and vitality.



These mudras and the information provided are modified from Mudras for Healing and Transformation
by Joseph and Lilian LePage.

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