Enjoyment = Happiness!


“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

Often we may tend to get down on ourselves and become critical if we think we are ‘wasting time’. I love these words of wisdom that were amazingly enough on my bag of Buddha Tea last night! It helped me to realize that the activities we engage in are important; but perhaps even more important is our state of mind-body-heart in any activity. Enjoyment does equal Happiness!

Studies prove that when you are happy, your immune system is boosted, you are overall healthier, stress and its affects are reduced, pain is diminished, and can even increase life expectancy. So that means if something you do makes you happy (and isn’t hurting yourself or others) ENJOY it! And congratulate yourself for taking the time to nourish your whole being with enjoyment in life.
Yoga and Yoga Nidra definitely boost the mood and happiness – and it feels so good to do! Please join me for Immune Boost Yoga SERIES, and more yoga; and YOGA NIDRA EVERY THURSDAY on Zoom for deepest relaxation.

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