Keep Your Cool: 3 Energy Points for Cooling

There’s no need to dive into ice cold water to cool down! These three energy points from Traditional Chinese Medicine, through the practice of Shiatsu finger pressure, can help you with summer heat, or any cause of heat within you, and discomfort.

Simply circle or press and release in a rhythmic pulsing motion these points for 1-3 minutes each, on both sides of the body, with a comfortable level of pressure: you don’t need to make it hurt for it to work! These points can feel tender and that is normal.

Take deep breaths with longer exhalations as you activate your cooling points to bring calm ease into mind and body.

‘Lesser Palace’ Heart 8 – between 4th and 5th metacarpal bones.

Calms the mind and regulates the heart. This point clears excess heat from Heart and Small Intestine channels and is part of the Fire Element. A wonderful point to mellow out irritability and treat insomnia.




‘Meeting of the Valleys’ Large Intestine 4 – webbing between pointer finger and thumb.

This is one of the most practiced points on the whole body because its easy to activate and can help numerous issues. Good for: HEAT and regulates sweating. Treats all issues in the head: headache, tinnitus, ears, eyes, nose, throat, allergies, toothache, jaws. Also good for alleviating pain,  constipation, viruses and boosting the immune system.

*Note: DO NOT USE THIS POINT IF YOU ARE PREGNANT as it can induce labor.


‘Marsh at the Bend’ Pericardium 3 – just above elbow bone on the inside.

This is the Water Element point on the Pericardium channel, and like water, can cool you down! Good for: regulating the heart, circulation in the chest, cooling heat in the blood which helps not only cool you down but is useful for heat stroke, fever, excess thirst, restlessness and skin issues like hives.




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According to the ancient wisdom of yoga, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether are the archetypal building blocks that compose everything in the Universe, including nature and the human body. Wellness depends on the balance of these internal five elements. Five Element Yoga® helps you realign your elements to find natural rhythm resulting in increased balance, health, happiness and wellness.

Five Element Yoga®, developed by Jennifer Reis, weaves together the rich traditions of yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese wisdom, yoga therapy, and nature’s wisdom . The goal is balance and harmony within oneself. Practiced indoors or outside, you will connect with your inner nature and inner rhythms.


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