Five Element Yoga® FLOW: Finding My Inner Guide


Three ‘flows’ with two postures each:

Coordinate the movements of your body with breath in this flow designed to help you find your Inner Guide. You may like to state the affirmations aloud as you EXHALE, and silently repeat them inward as you INHALE. For all-levels. Modify as needed for your body.


1. INHALE “I reach out to find my Inner Guide…”

  • Opposite arm and leg extends in Chakravakasana Sunbird pose.
  • Stretch from toes to fingertips.
  • Draw navel towards your spine.
  • Lengthen and reach for your True Self!



EXHALE “And come back to my center.”

  • Round and return inward.
  • Allow yourself to be both taken care of and provided for.
  • Trust in each moment.

Repeat three breath cycles on each side.




2. “I am grounded in my True Self.”

  • Feel Earth’s grounding presence rooting your legs as you EXHALE and lift your hips, pressing your hands deep into the Earth.
  • Extend your tail into Downward Dog.
  • Feel your potency!




“From this source, my inner wisdom flows.”

  • From Down Dog, INHALE step your Right foot forward and raise your arms into Anjanyasana.
  • Reach upward as the Fountain of Life.
  • Let your body be internally showered by the vital energy from your own wellspring.
  • Sweep your arms forward to the ground and step back to Down Dog.

Repeat one to three repetitions with breath from Down Dog to Anjanyasana on each side.

3. EXHALE “Though at times I feel down, overwhelmed, and like I’ve lost my way.”

  • Retreat and rest within in Garbasana Child’s pose.
  • Go inward and allow yourself to feel any fear, grief, or feelings of being lost.



INHALE “My Inner Guide frees me from fear and shows me the way.”

  • Smile and sweep your arms up overhead, waving away any doom and gloom in Fountain pose (I just made that name up! It works!).
  • Repeat Child into Fountain one to three times.







“In my True Self I rest deeply where I am filled with Pure Love and Acceptance.”

  • Retreat into Savasana pose and allow the love of the Universal Heart to surround and relax you.
  • Allow your mind and body to sink into peace and stillness.
  • Rest for 8 minutes or more.


Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise or weight-loss program. The general information displayed here is not intended to substitute for or replace your healthcare professional.

Five Element Yoga® is a vibrant and colorful flowing practice created by Jennifer Reis. This potent practice realigns you with the rhythms of nature as you explore your inner five elements.

An all-levels yoga practice, Five Element Yoga® invites you to revitalize body with yoga postures, flow with yogic breathing, tune into your energy with mudras, detoxify with self-massage, deeply rest and rejuvenate in Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra, and integrate your discoveries with creative expression and reflection. More Info

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