Feel Freedom Mudra Flow: Bhairava, Uttarabodhi and Garuda


These three mudras offer you an easy way to help you to feel into an inner sense of spaciousness, inviting you into your Infinite Possibilities! You may like to practice these mudras in a flow one after the other, or as individual mudras.

HOW TO: Hold each Mudra for 5-10 natural breaths to start, and increasing the length of time after a week of daily practice if you like. State the affirmations three times out loud, then silently.

Bhairava – Spontaneous Bliss Mudra

“I Rest in the Ocean of Bliss.”

Bhairava Mudra invokes the spirit of effortless surrender and feeling bliss as it induces calm and peace. This Mudra is good for fear, anxiety, immune imbalance, and heart disease. *Note: Left hand is underneath Right hand.


Uttarabodhi – Highest Wisdom Mudra

“I Release the Illusion of Limitation and Open to Infinite Possibilities.”

This mudra helps to clear and settle emotions, balance the mind, and expand one’s energy as well as increase a positive outlook. Activates breath and energy throughout entire torso and spine. Good for respiratory conditions and improving circulatory system. *Note: press hands against sternum.


Garuda – Eagle Mudra

“Freedom is My True Nature.”

Garuda Mudra can bring ease when feeling constriction in life, and opens one to feel unlimited boundaries. Expands breath and energy into the back of the heart center, and helps to balance the sides of body including pairs of organs.



Mudras and information used by permission and modified from Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage.

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