Happy Tips for Spring-Time Health

Spring-time has intense new energies at the Earth starts to push growth upward into the light!

We can feel this intensity within ourselves, as Wood Element, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, becomes more active within us. Liver and gallbladder are the organs and channels associated with Wood Element and are happen to be organs most affected by stress and emotions.

Wood Element imbalance can be very common during spring: anger, irritability, depression, and trouble with ‘going with the flow’. Here are some easy TIPS to help you stay happy and healthy through the ups and downs of Spring Season and Wood Element activation.

  • Encourage your innate CALM – focus on relaxing your mind, body and heart.
  • Take it SLOW and EASY.
  • Get OUTSIDE: take walks in nature when you can.
  • MOVE your body more! Keep it gentle: walking, yoga, easy bike riding, etc rather than heavy workouts and big sweating.
  • Practice Five Element Yoga®: mudras, breathing, postures, rhythmic movement, yoga nidra, self-massage, and meridian massage on Liver and Gall Bladder channels.
  • Increase the length of SAVASANA, and practice more YOGA NIDRA (20-mins of yoga nidra feels like 2-3hrs of sleep!)
  • LET GO, even more. Especially let go of any stressful situations that you can.
  • LAUGH and laugh and laugh! This helps Wood Element balance.
  • CLEANSE: Eat lighter. Drink Nettle Tea. Eat leafy greens.
  • Avoid alcohol, or cut down. Give your liver a chance to have a break in spring.
  • REST more to integrate the seasonal change that is taking place within you.


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