Heart Hridaya Mudra

“I listen to the wisdom of my wise and ancient heart.”

Cultivating the support within the inner refuge of the heart opens the doorway to greater self-love and acceptance. Hridaya means heart in Sanskrit and this mudra allows you to go inward through the door of your heart into the place of deep trust, support, and solace.

I love Hridaya Mudra’s effects and I find myself leading it in almost every class I teach! It brings me closer to my truth so that I can lead from a place of authenticity. And it gives my students a chance to get in touch with themselves.

Effects: Tension is released from any holding in the chest or breath. Energy balances both upward and downward flowing channels. Both breath and nourishment rises into the lungs, heart, and thymus gland, potentially increasing the health of respiratory, cardiovascular and immune systems. A greater sense of trust within oneself is instilled creating a base of support in challenging times and full emotions. As you sense your Heart and its truth, emotions harmonize back into balance dissolving fears, questions, and sorrows.

The Heart Chakra wheel of energy is said to be an emerald green lotus flower in the chest, and can be imagined with petals pulsing with the breath, to open to unconditional love and support.

Right hand is over the Heart, and Left hand on top of Right hand. 

Begin with 5-10 natural breaths and increase the number of breaths weekly to your practice.

These mudras and information are modified and given with permission by Joseph LePage.

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