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Holiday Calm Tips

The Holidays are wonderful! And yet this time of year can be challenging for so many reasons:

  • disruption of regular rhythm of life.
  • tendency to become overactive leading to a ‘rajasic state’ that can cause fatigue, inflammation, insomnia, nervous energy and roller coaster emotions.
  • deep and varied emotions can arise at this time, especially if there has been loss or grief. And perhaps we are all living with grief right now as we navigate through the pandemic – we’ve all lost something.

Here are some Tips to help you cultivate a BALANCE between your out-going energy and in-going energy this Holiday Season:

  1. KEEP YOUR HEALTHY PRACTICES & RHYTHMS: You already in place your healthy habits and as best you can, keep them up, especially at this time! Keep practicing your yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, walking, sleeping 7+ hours, resting on purpose, exercise…
  2. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. This will keep you hydrated, and also help you to return to your in-going self-care mode. Water is cleansing and will purify your systems and body.
  3. MAINTAIN AS REGULAR A SCHEDULE AS YOU CAN. This will help keep you grounded and rooted in the face of commotion and emotion:
    1. try to eat meals at the same time each day.
    2. awaken and go to sleep at the same time each day.
  4. INDULGE, IN SMALLER BITES, LONGER CHEWS, SMALLER SIPS: Savor the yummy indulgences of the season by making them last in your mouth! One little square of chocolate if sucked on in tiny bites, can last 15 minutes of enjoyment. Make it Mindful, it will actually be more enjoyable.
  5. DO NOT FORCE JOY. Be with all the feelings that arise within you. It’s normal to feel sad, lonely, and grief at this time of year for everyone. It’s good to take time to let yourself feel and cry.
  6. REACH OUT. Reach out to others, especially those who you know are alone, or have lost someone. A simply phone conversation can bring so much light into your day, and for your friend.
  7. BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Remember yourself and give yourself a Break, and show yourself Compassion and Acceptance. It will benefit you, and those around you as you opening your heart to yourself, you open it to others.

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