I Allow Mudra


“I allow everything to be exactly as it is.”

Our possibilities increase when we allow everything to be exactly as it is in each unfolding moment. Allow Mudra came to me from an experience of feeling boxed in within my own self-imposed expectations. I was trying to make everything unfold according to how I wanted it – never a good idea. It’s a good idea to set one’s intention, then let the dance of the universe flow with you!


This mudra helps me to sense the openness of my heart. The chest expands to optimize full and proper breathing. Palms facing upward are a gentle surrender to this present moment, however it unfolds!


The lung energy channel according to traditional Chinese medicine runs under the collarbones, across the shoulders and down the arms to the thumbs, and is stretched and opened by practicing Allow Mudra. Heart and pericardium energy channels and energy points that run through the arms and also center of the palms, are opened to the sky, in a posture of receptivity. This allows both lung and heart to come into greater health and wellness.


My understanding of the flows of life have changed since I’ve been regularly practicing Allow Mudra . I find myself practicing it when I remember it — and in those moments I’m usually amazed that life in that moment is FAR better than I could have ever imagined! The beauty of the day, observing my students coming into balance, green things growing, birds chirping, the air almost seeming to dance with energy and aliveness!


The other times I practice this mudra are when things are not going my way. This is my sweet medicine! In those moments, it truly helps me to let go of the ‘outcome’, and to be in the process of life’s momentary ups and downs. Thankfully, it helps me to somehow see the humor in these moments as well!



Hold the mudra for 5-10 natural breaths. Repeat the affirmation aloud and silently to yourself. Practice Allow Mudra numerous times a day to help bring you back into the natural order and flow of life’s movements that you are an important part of. 



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