Ignite Your Spark Mudra Flow!

This mudra flow is good medicine and a healing balm for winter dreariness that also helps you rediscover your inner light! Uplifting, warming, improves digestion, confidence, radiates your inner light, and assists you to follow your calling with energy and vitality. Winter needs FIRE ELEMENT and this mudra flow is like a gentle fire ceremony.

You may like to practice these mudras as a flow, or individually. Hold for 5-10 natural breaths to start, increasing over time if you like. State the affirmations three times out loud, then silently.

Pingala Mudra

“Filled with radiant sun, I expand with energy and light.”

Thumbs touch the ring fingers. Right hand is near the belly, facing upward; Left hand faces downward. The Solar nadi energy channel is called Pingala meaning ‘fiery, reddish’. Pingala mudra activates the flow of solar energy to awaken the right side of the body and breath through the right nostril. This mudra empowers your ability to support making your dreams and aspirations reality with enhanced concentration and energy.

  • Fosters assertiveness and determination
  • Stimulates digestion and warms the body with vitality
  • Feelings of enthusiasm coupled with clear thinking and decision making
  • Increases radiance of one’s true Self.


Shivalingam Mudra

“I embrace and unfold my true life purpose.”

Right hand on top of the Left. Hands float in front of the solar plexus area just below the ribs. Grounded and rooted in the present moment, on Mother Earth (represented by the left hand), you stand tall and confident in your commitment (represented by the right hand). Shivalingam mudra brings potency, clarity and determination for your true purpose. Especially helpful for committing to your unique life path.

  • Enhances trust and self esteem
  • Cultivates grounded focus
  • Allows the release of limiting negative beliefs
  • Improves circulation, digestion and postural alignment.

Vajra Mudra

“My inner jewel shines bright, guiding me to live my true purpose.”

Hands float in front of the solar area just below the ribs, with the ‘diamond’ shape pointing outward from solar plexus. ‘Vajra’ means diamond and it directs breath and energy into the third chakra called ‘Manipura’ meaning the city of gems: I find this name gives both an amazing visual and feeling of light, sparkling radiance within my center!

  • Awakens inner diamond of certainty, clarity, and purpose
  • Supports the unfolding of all one’s unique talents and abilities
  • Balances 3rd Chakra Manipura
  • Energizing and stimulating


CAUTIONS: Those with hypertension should monitor effects because these mudras can increase circulatory flow and energy to the heart, especially Shivalingam and Pingala (Vajra has no cautions).

These mudras and the information provided are modified from Mudras for Healing and Transformation 
by Joseph and Lilian LePage, Integrative Yoga Therapy.

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