Immune Boost Self-Care with Five Element Yoga®


Your Immune System is a complex web of cells, tissues, organs and systems. With some loving Self-Care it’s possible to strengthen and balance from the inside out with these easy practices to help you to stave off viruses, infections, bacterias, allergies and auto-immune illnesses:

1. Practice living a Balanced Lifestyle as best you can:

    • Eat fresh, unprocessed, well-cooked foods. This strengthens the digestion and the Spleen, one of the main immune players in the body. Aim for five cups of fruits and veggies daily. And reduce energy depleting foods which can weaken the immune system: sweet, sugary, alcohol and caffeine.
    • Drink plenty of water. This is great for they Lymph system, Mucus membranes and the Lungs – all important in the immune health...

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