Inner Water Element Blessing


I wrote a poem – and I don’t write poems – at least, it has been many years. Perhaps it was the inspiration of water element which filled my day yesterday both outdoors, and inside my own body as I practiced and prepared for Nourishing the Joints series.

The joints are one of the main sites of the inner water element, and working with joints increases the feminine yin or ida, as it’s called in Sanskrit, which is known to ignite creative flow.

The tension of the world events, we needed to take a break from everything, and our favorite place to ‘get away’ is right up the street on the mountain! We walked alongside the beautiful stream with fluffy white snow, amazing ice sculptures forming over the rocks and around the fallen trees and branches, the lovely vibrant sound of the stream and its hundreds of waterfalls of all sizes.

Winter and Spring have a predominance of the Water Element, and if you look around you’ll notice water in its glory, helping us to connect with our inner sense of flow, acceptance, creativity and appreciation of beauty, especially important during stressful times. I hope you enjoy this poem…


In Praise Of The Beauty Of Water Within

Honor and thanks to the sacred waters within:

to the streams,

the mother of vitality

the fertile womb of creativity

the channels that are moved by sun and the moon

into currents and tides of ever-striving harmony

circulating currents of life

bringing balance of warmth and coolness, unity and boundary, stillness and flow.


Pure gratitude we give for the blessed tears of rain that flow

with gift of feeling and empathy.

Comforting the thirst of our roots, cultivating our human tenderness.

Waters within, sustaining our life even in the times of driest inner desert.

Thanks be given for eternal inner springs that refresh our energy and outlook

Teaching us great powers of healing, cleansing, and clarity.


In praise of the beauty of water

Shimmering through clear heart, subtle mind, and radiant body.

Like glistening moonlight on ocean’s waves, and the spirited spray of the waterfall.

Delight be within the sweet melody of dance through fountain, waterfall, stream and ocean wave of spirit and soul.


Blessed be water within.


– Jennifer Reis Feb 26, 2022

Copyright© 2020 Jennifer Reis Yoga

(photo Mill Brook Stream Feb 26, 2022 by Jennifer Reis)

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