Inner Strength Mudra Flow: Prithivi, Dhyana & Uttarabodhi


This mudra flow invites you to stop and feel your inner potency!

Practice in seated meditation position and begin each mudra with 5-10 natural breaths (increasing the number of breaths weekly if desired and it feels good). Repeat the statements aloud, then silently to feel the inner experience of the qualities of each mudra.


Prithivi Mudra: Physical Strength

“Fully embodied, my physical strength grounds me.”

Prithivi means Earth in Sanskrit and this mudra helps you to feel fully present in your body. Feeling the sense of support of the Earth and your body, allows you to feel the strength that is already here inside you. No cautions.

  • Good for supporting optimal posture
  • Can reduce stress and lower high blood pressure
  • Invites a sense of safety and security



Dhyana Mudra: Mental Strength

“Effortlessly my mind rests with focus.”

Dhyana actually means meditation and is one of the 8-Limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Practicing this mudra allows all aspects of your being to come into harmony which creates an effortless field for mind to easily meditate. Left hand is underneath the Right. No cautions.

  • Supports effortless meditation
  • Creates sense of space between thoughts to feel inner silence
  • Cultivates calm, clear, strong mind


Uttarabodhi Mudra: Emotional Strength

“As I cultivate strength on all levels, I am freed from limitations.”

Uttarabodhi means highest wisdom and helps to direct breath and energy upward into chest, enhancing circulation to the heart, lungs and thymus gland. As we face challenges on our journey, practicing Uttarabodhi supports us with ease to live in authentic being rather than focusing so much on the likes/dislikes, personality, and emotions. No cautions.

  • Good for remaining aligned with one’s True Self
  • Expands breath throughout the rib cage, sternum and side ribs
  • Enhances immunity



Mudras and information provided are modified from Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage, Integrative Yoga Therapy.


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