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Jalashaya Mudra

“Bathed in my inner lake of peace, I feel soothed, calmed and cooled.”

Hold your hands in your lap, or in front of your belly, for 5-10 natural breaths. State the affirmation three times out loud, then silently.

Sweet relief is here! Jalashaya Mudra can help relieve heat and inflammation to bring you into a calm and cool state.

Jala means ‘water’ and Shaya means ‘calm, peace, nighttime’, and refers to ‘sleep’. Because of these qualities, practicing this mudra can help refresh excessive heat and soothe the energy. The breath naturally drops into the navel area where the WATER element is located to bring a sense of grounding and rhythm that is calming to the mind and nerves.

  • Aids in cooling inflammation
  • Especially good for hot digestion (heartburn, hyper-acidity, inflammation)
  • Cultivates serenity helping to release tendencies toward judgment or competition
  • Relaxes tension in the low back
  • Feelings of inner nourishment and contentment arise


These mudras, and the information provided here, 
are modified from Mudras for Healing 
and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage.

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