Jalashaya Mudra


Sweet relief is here! Jalashaya Mudra can help relieve intensity: anger, frustration, trying too hard, heat, as well as inflammation, to bring you into a calm, cool and sweet state. These are the attributes of the inner Wood Element out of balance, which is most active in the Spring Season.

Jala means ‘water’ and Shaya is ‘calm, peace, night-time’ referring to sleep. Practicing this mudra can help energy to un-stick and flow again, freeing up stagnancy to open up a fresh outlook on life and possibility. When you practice Jalashaya, the breath will naturally drop into the navel area where the WATER element is primarily located in the body to bring a sense of peaceful rhythm that calms to the mind and nervous system.

“In My Inner Lake of Peace, I am Soothed, Calmed and Refreshed.”

HOW TO: Rest hands in Jalashaya Mudra in front of the belly. Hold for 5-10 natural breaths. State the intention statement three times out loud, then silently. Notice how you feel in body, mind, and emotions. No known cautions.


Jalashaya Mudra activates and balances the 💦 WATER ELEMENT allowing you to flow with all of life, feeling refreshed, and increases your yin/ida feminine energy allowing calm, peace and self-nourishment.

This mudra also activates and balances the WOOD ELEMENT from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Wood Element governs the Liver and Gallbladder organs and channels which aid in the health of these important organs that are said to be the most affected by stress.

  • Refreshes, soothes, and aids in cooling inflammation.
  • Especially good for hot digestion (heartburn, hyper-acidity, inflammation).
  • Cultivates serenity helping to release tendencies toward judgment or competition.
  • Relaxes tension in the low back.
  • Feelings of inner nourishment and contentment arise.


These Mudras are inspired by Mudras for Healing 
and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage.

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