Listen Meditation 


Using one sense can refresh all of the other senses by just simply stopping and paying attention for some moments, with focus on one sense – like the ears and listening.

Try this easy meditation to refresh and awaken the senses:

  • Wherever you are, indoors, or outside, cup your hands behind both ears and close your eyes. As best you can, allow all sounds to come to you without pushing any of them away, nor wishing they were different. Not needing to analyze, figure out, or even name any sound, simply notice each sound. Whether mechanical, or natural, pleasant, or unpleasant.

  • Become aware of the natural ebb, flow and rhythm of sounds as they move together through time and space. Stay here for some time receiving sounds. Be present with sound. Be presence.

  • When the time comes to move on, allow your eyes to softly open and notice what feels different now. Move on with your day, noticing if your senses feel more alive and awakened.


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