MUDRA FLOW: Samputa, Palli, & Matsya for INNER WISDOM


This mudra flow will assist you in sensing your INNER WISDOM of truth, to find your path, and to flow and move with life as you tune into your deepest Self. Practice in seated meditation position and begin each mudra with 5-10 natural breaths (increasing the number of breaths weekly if desired and it feels good). Repeat the statements aloud, then silently to feel the inner experience of this mudra flow.

Samputa Mudra

“Awakened to the treasure of my true Self, I am aligned within.”

As you hold your left palm cupped under your right palm, you are creating a ‘treasure chest’ that contains the treasure of your true inner Self. Samputa means treasure chest and this gesture will help to relax the muscles of the throat  to connect with the inner voice of truth so that it can be communicated clearly and with integrity. No cautions.

  • Good for optimizing the health of the thyroid gland and balanced metabolism
  • Releases tension from the vocal chords that encourages free speech
  • Draws awareness inward inviting self-listening and self-knowing
  • Helps one discern  truth

Palli Mudra

“I trust my inner truth which guides me on the path of life.”

Palli means ‘shelter’ referring here to the shelter provided by increasing inner trust, confidence, and knowledge of one’s truth along our life’s journey. This mudra, held with both hands in meditation, increases full breathing, especially in the back body, helping to lengthen the spine and allow it to find it’s true alignment again. At the subtle level, alignment also flows through the sense of integrity to ourselves and outward to the world around us. No known cautions.

  • Cultivates both physical alignment and inner centering
  • Instills faith within oneself
  • Aids balanced digestion, and full breathing
  • Good for self-confidence, optimism, energy


Matsya Mudra

“I flow with my inner rhythms and the rhythms of life.”

Matsya means ‘fish’ and Matsya Mudra helps to activate the Water Element to bring a sense of fluidity, with the ability to flow with one’s truth and with life. Breath and energy descend downward into the navel and pelvis to instill a grounded sense of release and calmness. The exhalation is naturally lengthened while practicing Matsya increasing cooling and calming. No cautions.

  • Good for osteoarthritis
  • Reduces stress and brings soothing waves of calm into body and mind
  • Cultivates emotional fluidity
  • Helps align the spine


These mudras and information provided are used by permission and modified from Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage.

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