Opening to Possibility Mudra Flow


I love these three mudras which allow you to go inward. This practice will enhance the release of inner limitations, allowing the wisdom of who you truly are to arise, and open you to new possibilities!

Hold each mudra for 5-10 natural breaths and repeat the statement aloud and then silently a few times.

Shunya Mudra

“With greater openness, space is created for my true Self to emerge and guide me.”

Shunya means ‘empty’ and this mudra assists you to expand into openness in order to get a larger picture of who you are, raising the eternal question: ‘Who am I?’  Energy arises into the neck and throat – 5th Chakra – to clear blockages and release conditioned beliefs of the small self.  Thyroid gland can comes into balance with enhanced circulation to the throat area.  Space is created between the thoughts, helping you to loosen identification with them as who you are.  Intuition is awakened so you may hear the guidance of your inner voice.

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Kali Mudra

“Purification within all dimensions of my being awakens true freedom.”

(Point your fingers towards your throat).  Kali is the ‘Goddess of Purification’.  Vishuddha chakra in the throat center translates as ‘purification’.  As you clear out what is ‘not you’ through spiritual practice, limiting beliefs are also released that keep you from feeling free.  Kali Mudra assists in bringing limiting beliefs to the surface to support awareness of them, being able to release beliefs, and also to integrate a new way of seeing yourself and the world.  Tension may be released from the throat, vocal cords, neck, and shoulders to open a sense of limitlessness and inner quiet.  Space Element can become balanced and intuition enhanced.

Ushas Mudra crop

Ushas Mudra

“My life is a field of infinite possibility.”

(Rest your hands in your lap comfortably).  Ushas means ‘Dawn’.  Ushas Mudra allows us to greet each day enthusiastically and more openly with fewer expectations and more trust in the natural flow of the world and our life.  This can reduce stress and help one to cultivate positive attitudes.  Practicing Ushas Mudra allows the breath to be naturally directed into the front of the torso, aiding a natural massaging motion that restores all systems of the body.  As the mind is clears, calm mental clarity increases allowing you to rest easily within your true Self, opening to life as a field of possibility.
These mudras and information provided are modified from Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage, Integrative Yoga Therapy.

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