Presence, Please? Presence


We are so grateful that our 3 dogs are in good health, happy and on the mend! They have all had major surgery, and some new illnesses developing in the past few months, with two major surgeries in just the past few days.

I asked the universe to help me, asking for presence, but more like: “Presence, Please? Presence.” And for the most part, this request and prayer has tremendously helped me to simply ‘show up’ with presence through this trying time: the stress of the unknown, our house becoming a dog hospital where everyone is in recovery needing particular meds administered at particular times, allowed outside only on a leash means dozens of trips in and out all day from the wee hours until late at night, along special attention for each one, and reiki healing too.

Woody Allen said 80% of success is just showing up! Sometimes that is all we can do. And my quest was to be really here, while I was being asked to show up. This experience has turned into a life lesson deepening my understanding of presence as a way to be in deeper relationship with oneself, with others, and with the potency of this world.

Presence happens within three levels:

  1. Presence with Myself: Acknowledging my inner experiences including emotions and physical body’s sensations and reactions.

  2. Presence with Another: The experience of opening to truly be with another, who may be suffering, fostering deep connection and compassion.

  3. Presence with the Universe: Being present to the energy, wisdom and support from beyond.

Although I am tired from lack of sleep, I feel uplifted because, with intention and with help, I was present on all three levels: I allowed myself to feel all the feels of the roller coaster moments; I was truly with my beloved dogs and Michael through each moment of an intense time and I feel closer to them because of it; and I continually felt the presence of the help from the universe.

Part of the universe’s presence was at this very moment, receiving the gift of autumn with her dazzling colors, beautiful light, and her ease in letting it all go. I saw before my eyes that grace and beauty can be here, even in the face of a major transformation, such as nature’s graceful retreat underground for the winter.

Please enjoy 3 Grounding Practices for Presence

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