Purna Hridaya Heart Mudra: Welcoming Thoughts and Feelings

“As I Welcome In all thoughts and feelings I rest in greater ease.”

Interlace fingertips together and create a heart shape that you hold in front of your heart! One of my favorite mudras for when I’m feeling a lot of emotion or I’m feeling stuck in an emotion because it brings my energy upward into my chest so my breath is more free and open and then my focus becomes more expanded and serene.

  • allows comfort within ones emotions
  • releases constriction in chest area
  • enhances breathing capacity and develops immunity
  • good for support in depression
  • reveals Joy from the Heart

Begin with 5-10 natural breaths and increase the number of breaths weekly to your practice.

These mudras and information provided are modified from Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage, Integrative Yoga Therapy.

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