Purna Hridaya Heart Mudra: Welcoming Thoughts and Feelings


‘Purna’ means open and ‘hridaya’ is the heart, thus this is the Open Heart Mudra. This is one of my favorite mudras for when I’m feeling a lot of emotion, or feeling stuck in an emotion or repetitive thoughts. Practicing Purna Hridaya Mudra will help to bring your energy upward and outward, allowing the breath to expand and not feel so tight or trapped in the chest. This is a great way to transform suffering.

“As I Welcome In all Thoughts and Feelings I Rest in Greater Ease.”

  • Allows comfort within emotions and thoughts.
  • Helps to release constriction in chest area.
  • Enhances breath and supports the immune system.
  • One of the best mudras for depression.
  • Allows Joy to be revealed in the Heart.

FIVE ELEMENTS: Purna Hridaya Mudra activates Air Element in the lungs, chest and heart, stimulating an upward flow of energy called Prana vayu, and invoking the positive seed qualities of the heart such as compassion, understanding, patience and love.


Interlace fingertips to create a heart shape, with thumbs together pointing downward. Float hands in front of your heart!

Repeat the affirmation aloud and silently a few times. Hold for 5-10 natural breaths, and increase the number of breaths weekly to your practice.

These mudras and information are modified and used with permission – Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage.

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