Samputa Mudra – Inner Treasure Mudra


Samputa Mudra allows you to trust in your inner radiance and treasures, awakening integrity and allowing you to communicate your truth with clarity.

Hold your left hand cupped underneath your right in front of your belly, or on your lap, for 5-10 natural breaths. State the affirmation three times out loud, then silently.

“My inner treasure shines radiantly within me, sparking my glow.”

  • Especially good for learning to listen to the inner voice to access wisdom
  • Instills ability to open to receive guidance 
  • Cultivates release, relaxation and feeling limitlessness
  • Can relaxe tension in the throat and neck
  • Increases ability to communicate from true self


These mudras, and the information provided here, are modified from Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage.

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