Sphynx Yoga Pose: Open Heart’s Compassion

  • Opens the chest, shoulders, ribs. Helps to roll shoulders backwards.
  • Fosters expanded and deepened breath.
  • Stimulates thymus gland to aid in immune health and balance.
  • Strengthens the upper back combating the ‘slouch’.
  • Stretches muscles of the neck and the Vagus Nerve in the neck.
  • Stimulates Vagal Tone with stretching and compressing in chest, lungs, heart, stomach, liver, kidneys, navel organs.

HOW TO (Listen to your body and its messages as you practice):

Elbows are directly underneath the shoulders. Elbows and hands are shoulder width apart, fingers spread wide. PRESS TAIL DOWNWARD. Roll shoulders and shoulder blades back to open chest. Keep chin level with the ground. Breathe into chest and collar bones. Release slowly when you are ready by reaching crown of the head forward to lengthen your spine. Rest.

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