7 Tips For Beginning Again

It’s never easy to Begin Again. And yet, life keeps asking us to do just that. Change is also what keeps us young, alert, and has the potency to strengthen us physically, mentally and emotionally. Imagine yourself as a flexible reed, bowing and bending with the wind and its changes of direction.

Here are 7 Tips to help you embrace change, allowing you to return to ‘Beginner’s Mind’ for a fresh start.

    1. Empty your Mind.
      • Let go of the need to find the answers, fix anything, and dissolve your list of ‘shoulds’. Position yourself like an open cup, ready for deliciousness to fill you when it’s time.
    2. One Footstep at a Time.
      • Do not rush. Enjoy the view from where you are NOW, and each unfolding moment of this precious journey.
    3. Allow Yourself to feel the Vulnerability of the ‘Beginner’.
      • This includes allowing emotions that arise to be present. Allow fears and fear of failure to be present, but not to overwhelm or flooding your experience. As best you can, ‘sit’ with what is: everything, including your emotions, will all change momentarily, like ocean waves.
    4. Fall down three times, Get up four times.
      • Have you ever asked, ‘why me?’ As best you can, do not take anything personally. It took Thomas Edison 10,000 attempts to get the light bulb right! Offer yourself Compassion as you try again. “I have not failed 10,000 times—I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.” ~Edison
    5. Allow your Mind and Heart to be open to the array of Possibility
      • Notice with love, when you are stuck in a pattern. Patterns can make us smaller than who we actually are.
      • Be the Student where anything is possible, rather than the master or the expert who options are limited.
      • Receive each moment with Mindful Awareness and Curiosity.
      • Foster the Inquiry rather than the Answer.
      • Invite your Imagination, Creativity, and Playfulness to flow through your heart, thoughts and actions!
    6. Trust Yourself and the Universe
      • Ever-present help and support is built into you and also the blueprint of the Universe: you belong and you are supported.
    7. Appreciate and Love Yourself for who you are right now
      • Feeling Gratitude for yourself can help you to feel rooted, strong and secure like a tree, so that you are ready to branch out into what is new.
      • As best you can, have Empathy and Compassion for yourself as the wonderful and divine being you already are.

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