VIDEO Japanese Paper Cutting by Masayo Fukuda


The art of paper cutting began in China in the 4th century, not long after paper was first invented by Ts’ai Lun in the year 105 CE. Paper cutting as an art form slowly spread around the globe. The Japanese form called Kirie is still practiced today.

I love watching artist Masayo Fukuda as she meticulously wields her exacto blade, imagining the meditative state that must accompany such focused practice. She is with her ‘octopus’ and the rest of the world fades away…

It brings back fond memories of when I too would drop into the serene immersion of ‘meditation-mind’ – at one with my focus. As a sculptor, I primarily worked with constructing with fabric, employing techniques that were very repetitive and calming. Art creation, for me, was meditation.

I hope you enjoy this short video! Witnessing her exquisite creations cradled in human hands truly breathes life into them and evokes a sense of awe.


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