VIDEO: Winter in Sweden LIGHT-DARK


Wonderfully slow and thoughtfully done, this video shows the beauty and contrast of the LIGHT and the DARK that our friends in the North experience. Get ready to feel that lovely Scandinavian coziness called ‘hygge’.

Somewhat similar to my youth in Canada, but I had it not quite as extreme as the location of this video in northern Sweden. I recall just how magic the night-time light was: holiday lights melting the snow-dripped roofs, the light of the fireplace which was on every night in our household, and of course the incredible Northern Lights.

For some reason when they were most active I was wide awake and would look out the window and catch the show! Or sometimes we were out skating on the lake and there would be the most amazing Aura Borealis: you could hear their crackle, smell the ozon-y iron smell, and even taste their metallic taste in your mouth! Not to mention the most incredible colors, patterns and shapes flowing and reforming. I once saw what looked like a Celtic Knot weaving and re-weaving itself, alive in light of the night.


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