Water Element Music and Sounds by Senta Reis


My sister in law Senta Reis has played her incredible live music for us during some of my Retreats and Trainings for Five Element Yoga® and Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra. So many students asked ‘When are you recording an album?’ that she hunkered down in the studio and produced a beautiful album of all Five Elements. She plays drum, flute, koshi chimes, hang drum, and uses voice as well as nature sounds.

Please enjoy Senta’s WATER ELEMENT composition: You may like to lie down to listen, or flow into yoga poses or dance, or just have it in the background while you are working around the house or on your computer.


You can hear this, and all Five Elements on Spotify, Youtube and more by looking for Senta Rafaela Crone Lullabies.

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