Water Element

It could be that water element is my favorite of the five elements. Water represents the feminine flow of the breath, of the emotions, and of the rhythms of nature, which is often the very thing I’m lacking when I’m living out my daily schedule of ‘doing’ and getting things done. It’s so easy to forget about and neglect the body and its needs and messages; the breath; and the cycles of nature in the flow of the day/night, seasons, and stages of life.

But if you stop and become reflective and listen, you will hear and feel the flows within an all around you that help you come back into harmony, ease, and health. Water element teaches us how to live in balance as a human being living within our five bodies (the koshas). In order to get to know Water Element better I have outlined for you it’s particular aspects.

Vibrancy, fluidity, flexibility, vitality, steadiness in the face of obstacles, adaptability, sensitivity, absorption, play!, moisture, receptivity, nourishment, feminine, yin, moon, intimacy, and sensation.

Challenges Rigidity, stuck, resistance or giving in, numbness, dryness, lack of vitality or luster, feeling un-nourished.

Location in Body Pelvis, navel, low back sacrum, hip joints, all joints, reproductive and urinary systems, lymphatic and circulatory systems, and the reproductive glands. Bladder and Kidney channels.

Season Winter according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Color Blues and black.

Sense Mouth, taste and appetite.

Aromatherapy Sandalwood, sage, rose and jasmine.

Seed Bija Sound ‘Vam’

Energy Current Vyana vayu – energy that flows to extremities like arms and legs that governs circulation.

Symbols Moon, ocean, waves, rain, streams, tears, fish, and six-petalled orange lotus flower.

Deities Tara, Saraswati, and Chandra.

Sarasvati is the Goddess of rivers and knowledge. I have been so inspired by Sarasvati over the years. Sarasvati rules over a great number of spheres including rivers, fertility, medicine, wealth, poetry, music, creativity, beauty, and art.

Her name means “the one who flows”, and she is the consort of Brahma the Creator. Sarasvati is usually depicted sitting on a white lotus or white bird, symbolizing truth and purity. One of the things she holds in her hands a a pot of water (symbolic of creativity and purification). She also has a great many alternate names including Mother of Waters and she is pictured above.

written by Jennifer Reis, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, creator of Five Element Yoga® and Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra. Copyright Jennifer Reis Yoga© 2017




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