Winter Season Self-Care with Five Element Yoga® Tips


Winter is time to slow down, rest, and pause between activities, giving your energy a chance to reset itself for the year. Water Element is an active force right now and it’s time to nourish your Water Vitality. Listen to your body and take time for self-care with these helpful Five Element Yoga® suggestions.

  • Go inward: practice quiet reflection and meditation. Light a candle.
  • Try your best to not to overwork or to be overactive.
  • Go to bed earlier and get up later. Nap and rest when possible. Bears and other animals are hibernating right now – it’s natural!
  • Get gentle and mindful exercise and movement daily…

Click here for MORE TIPS and to PRINT a beautiful version:  WINTER SEASON SELF-CARE

Practice Winter Self-Care with Jennifer Live-Online: Meridian Yoga and Self-Massage for Winter SERIES

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