Your Inner Healing Spring


Healing Is Already Within You

Jennifer Reis

Radiant Being Newsletter, March 1, 2015

At this moment, I can’t help but long for the days of Spring! It always seems to begin too slowly for me, however the longer days with more light are something to celebrate. Also worth celebrating is your body’s inner healing Spring. Did you know that your whole being is always attempting to heal and balance itself in every moment? Each of us contains the seeds of health and wellness — if this was not true, you would not be alive now, for healing is always at work with trillions of momentary tasks to maintain your body’s homeostasis and help you to thrive!

It’s empowering to know that with or without your effort or even knowledge, your innate healing force is at work. Trust that your simple choices throughout the day have the power to support and enhance your inner healing Spring assisting the healing movement that’s already at work. It’s as easy as choosing Balance.

Imbalance in body, energy, mind or the inner five elements means that your body is working hard just to bring yourself back into equilibrium again. Just like getting your tires aligned so that the wheels run smoothly without wearing and tearing, it’s important to do as much as you can to stay balanced so that your body need not work as hard, and can focus on greater health. You can make choices that free up your healing energy for larger tasks within.

Choosing balance does not require a lot of time. Rather it requires awareness. An awareness of how you are doing things, and how they make you feel throughout your day. Keep asking yourself, “Is what I’m about to eat, read, do, say, or practice going to bring balance? Or will it throw me off balance?”

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras tell us that ‘awareness heals’. Isn’t that amazing? So often we imagine we need to do something and work so hard to get anything in return. The wisdom of yoga lets us know the first and most important step is the noticing. My favorite yoga and meditation practices all have the intention of cultivating awareness at their core.

A few practices that can help train your ability to witness are:

  1. Meditation – awareness of breath or other focal points.
  2. Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra – awareness of all levels of being (koshas) including body, energy, mind/emotions, wisdom/witness, and bliss.
  3. Kripalu Yoga – focus is on maintaining Witness Consciousness throughout yoga postures and breathing.
  4. Five Element Yoga – awareness of each inner element — Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether — as the building blocks of your body.

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