Student Stories
Elyse transformed feeling small into knowing her radiant true infinite self through the practices of yoga and yoga nidra. I think she's always had that beautiful big smile though! Please enjoy her story. When I was a child I received verbal and implied messages from my father that “children should be seen and not heard” and “you don’t need a college education because you’re just going to get married and have children.” He was born in 1913, and his beliefs came from that era. Message received loud and clear! Whispers followed me: ‘Be quiet, stay small, think small, do as
Journey Into My Heart 
I love my work, but never more than when I see the effects of theses potent practices seeing a student inspired! Heidi's inner glow beamed wider and more brightly each session during our vibrant Five Element Yoga weekend at Kripalu... Before being introduced to Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, while I knew meditation was very beneficial and something that I ‘should’ be doing for my health & wellness, I just couldn't sit or focus for any length of time to find the peace, tranquility and relaxation I knew my body and mind needed. I always knew I wanted to help others
I Am Okay Just As I Am
Frannie has an angelic voice. I play her music in my classes all the time! I've been blessed to watch her heal and grow over the years and hope you enjoy her story. In 2006 I took an antibiotic drug called Levaquin that I was given at a walk-in clinic. I am a professional singer, and had a number of concerts coming up and felt like a sinus infection might be coming on. I rarely took any medications for anything. I’m a longtime meditator, did lots of yoga, ate organic food, and exercised. Unbeknownst to me, this was an antibiotic
I Finally Got that Overcommitting Myself Was Not the Answer!
Before I discovered yoga nidra, I was drowning in anxiety and overwhelmed with all of the changes that have occurred in my life. As a registered nurse for over fifteen years, helping others through difficult times -- often families with loved ones who were at end of life -- was both rewarding and stressful. After losing both parents early in my life, I felt called to help people with end of life care. I recognized my ability to connect with people, and also ease them through our convoluted healthcare system. My understanding of the grieving process, and ability to empathize,
For Once, I Felt Whole Again
When I was only 43, I had to be admitted into emergency at the hospital. It seemed that I had chronic urine retention, and the doctors were not sure if it was caused by a C-section, the epidural, something in my back, or was it multiple sclerosis? A string of neurological and urological tests turned up no origin. Surprisingly, I had no pain, but I was debilitated because I could not do something so simple as to urinate completely. Doctors left me with a prescription for catheters and a ton of anxiety! Initially I felt I wasn't able to go
Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Gives The Time Needed For Healing
Bright shining Betty has brought so much joy and peace to herself and so many through her work as a nurse and yoga teacher. Here's her story: The body knows how to heal itself. This is something I’ve seen first-hand throughout my professional career as a nurse for over 43 years working in a level-one trauma center in a large inner city hospital. One of the key factors that is needed to allow this natural phenomena of healing to happen is time. Time to be still, quiet and non judgmental. How many of us honestly allow ourselves time to heal?
More Peaceful and More Present Than Ever Before
I work in a high energy manufacturing facility and on top of that, I teach multiple yoga classes per week, which is a full life! Practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 5 years has been wonderful, yet I was looking for greater depth and insight. I was always searching for something that would bring more peace into my life, and allow me to bring peace to the lives of others. Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra has filled that gap for me! It’s an extremely relaxing and peaceful practice. It’s the best! By accessing the five levels of being
Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Helped Me Cope With Life Challenges
I met beautiful, pregnant Nikki in Australia over two years ago when I lead Divine Sleep Teacher Training in Melbourne. She had concerns because she was suffering from morning sickness, but it disappeared during the training! I love to witness the transformations that occur during the training. Here is Nikki's story! Of all the health challenges I’ve faced, the “disease to please” put my life in jeopardy. My anxiety levels were like nothing I’d ever experienced. After being unhooked from an ECG machine to check that I hadn’t had a heart attack when I was only 28 years old, the
Peaceful And Rejuvenated In The Front Row Of My Life!
Teresa jumped right into the front row of my retreat at Kripalu Center!  Talk about a bright light - she was so lit up from within!  I was amazed to hear her story and hope you enjoy it. When I went to Kripalu in January 2015 I was trying to come back from a painful break up. As a single, self-employed business woman, the stress of that year depleted me on every level. And worst of all I felt unworthy. Rejection, abandonment, loneliness and also my brother's death, all emptied me and I could not imagine any escape. With the
Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Enriches My Personal And Professional Life
I worked in a busy community health center as the HIV/AIDS program director a decade ago. It was a great job that was very satisfying and yet there was always lots of pressure and relentless stress. My workweek often pushed beyond 60 hours and there was little to no quality time left for myself or family. I was in a constant state of stress — feeling as though I was keeping my head above water but working too hard to stay buoyant. The weekends were never a sufficient amount of time to really catch my breath. My sleep was often