Student Stories
I am busy mom of two boys and have been working as a holistic sleep consultant for the last five years. I’m always searching for ways to help myself, my family and my clients relieve stress and bring peace and calm into their lives, which in turn, helps to improve sleep. A few years ago a friend suggested I try using yoga nidra with my clients and it was then that I discovered Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. I started using Jennifer’s CD’s one-on-one with my clients. Because it was so helpful to them, I searched for and found Divine Sleep
Kicking Addiction in the Asana
Hello! I'm Carson Smith and I am a grateful recovering alcoholic/addict and yoga teacher! What does yoga have to do with recovery? It had a lot to do with my recovery and I’d like to share my story with you. Growing up, I felt I was trying to fulfill the expectations of family and society, but never felt like I fit in. I was told I was too sensitive, too idealistic, and too much of a ‘dreamer’. Also that I needed to become more thick-skinned and assertive if I was ever going to be successful. I also experienced psycho-emotional trauma.
Mother and Daughter Healing From Trauma
When I was a kid, my Mom was crossing the street downtown in a city nearby where we lived and was hit by a car, was severely injured, and she almost died. At that time I was only twelve years old myself and had two younger siblings. Needless to say, our world was turned upside down, especially my Mom's. She was told by the doctors that she would never walk again! And although her pelvis was crushed, and her leg and shoulder were both broken in several places,  she did not believe it and knew recovery was possible. With immense
I Want To Make A Difference
As an undergraduate, I was a decent student but I lacked confidence in my abilities. I completed my degree, but I never sat for my athletic training certification exam. Then I found my passion as a massage therapist which felt like an innate ability. One of the things that I learned as a massage student is that it’s a profession that a person might not practice for very long. Many massage therapists get injured, and after a decade as a massage therapist, my right wrist could not handle the pressure anymore. I needed to change careers. And I want to
From Addiction to Radiance
Before discovering Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, I was teaching yoga, stress management, and Reiki to individuals with autism, special needs, disabilities, addiction and mental health issues. I discovered yoga after struggling with many of the same issues, such as an addiction to drugs and alcohol, suicidal ideation and other self-destructive behaviors. I also have high-functioning autism (formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome), which I was diagnosed with when I was 17 years old. At first, I did not want to accept my diagnosis and this caused me to never feel comfortable in my own skin.   I was bullied intensely during
Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Calms Kindergarten Teacher!
I discovered yoga a couple of years by accident, when I was working for a high school residential summer program. As a part of my job, I accompanied students to daily activities - one of which was yoga - with a Kripalu certified instructor! Lucky for me, I was able to participate in the yoga classes with the students. After my summer of practicing yoga, I began to notice a difference in the autumn within my body when I was no longer practicing yoga as my body became more sore, tight and achy. In contrast, the yoga had made me
From Anxiety and Sleeplessness to Calm Parenting!
For many years I struggled with anxiety, which greatly affected my ability to achieve peaceful and satisfying sleep. Through a significant amount of personal work, I recognized this to be the result of a substantial amount of personal loss and an overwhelming case of angst. Fear, which affected my life and my relationships, manifested as an obsession with past, present and future worries (real and imagined), on a continuous, repetitive loop. And of course, these repetitious “movies” play out at the worst possible time - at night, when all I want and need is a good night’s sleep! Cultivating a
My World Suddenly Shrank
Twelve years ago, my world suddenly shrank. I was out in the woods happily trail riding. The horse and I didn’t know each other well. ‘Big Red’ didn’t know that I wouldn’t ask him to do anything dangerous. I didn’t know asking him to go around an obstacle in the trail would be scary. So I was very surprised when he reared, throwing me off. My head hit a rock (thank goodness I was wearing a helmet!). Big Red lost his balance, toppled over, and fell on me. It could have been the origin of the phrase: “Caught between a
Before discovering Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, my life, on the surface seemed pretty ideal. I was married to the love of my life, had a successful career as a medical social worker, and was mom to an amazing toddler. What no one could see, however, was a totally different story. I was suffering from crippling postpartum depression years after having given birth; I was under a great deal of job pressure and stress; and I was sick as a dog! I had been living with a rare autoimmune disease since 2000, I wasn't sleeping, I struggled with my weight and
Elyse transformed feeling small into knowing her radiant true infinite self through the practices of yoga and yoga nidra. I think she's always had that beautiful big smile though! Please enjoy her story. When I was a child I received verbal and implied messages from my father that “children should be seen and not heard” and “you don’t need a college education because you’re just going to get married and have children.” He was born in 1913, and his beliefs came from that era. Message received loud and clear! Whispers followed me: ‘Be quiet, stay small, think small, do as