Student Stories
Peaceful And Rejuvenated In The Front Row Of My Life!
Teresa jumped right into the front row of my retreat at Kripalu Center!  Talk about a bright light - she was so lit up from within!  I was amazed to hear her story and hope you enjoy it. When I went to Kripalu in January 2015 I was trying to come back from a painful break up. As a single, self-employed business woman, the stress of that year depleted me on every level. And worst of all I felt unworthy. Rejection, abandonment, loneliness and also my brother's death, all emptied me and I could not imagine any escape. With the
Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Enriches My Personal And Professional Life
I worked in a busy community health center as the HIV/AIDS program director a decade ago. It was a great job that was very satisfying and yet there was always lots of pressure and relentless stress. My workweek often pushed beyond 60 hours and there was little to no quality time left for myself or family. I was in a constant state of stress — feeling as though I was keeping my head above water but working too hard to stay buoyant. The weekends were never a sufficient amount of time to really catch my breath. My sleep was often
From Stress to Bliss
Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. – The Bhagavad Gita Being in a military family has been difficult for me and caused tremendous stress. When my husband deployed for a year, I was in a constant state of stress and anxiety. My body shut down physically and emotionally. Eating and sleeping were a constant struggle and I began to drastically lose weight. It came to a critical point when I needed to receive intravenous fluids because my body continued to deteriorate. Eventually ended up in the hospital for over a month. Doctors told
Now I Can Meditate and Lead Meditation with Ease: Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra
Before discovering Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra my life was pretty good. I had a good job, good friends, and was passionate about teaching yoga. There was something missing, though. I felt like I was just constantly searching for “something more” and was never finding it. I needed a shift within myself, but had no idea how to find it. Even though I was a yoga teacher, I felt it very difficult to meditate. Then I found yoga nidra. It’s a guided meditation usually practiced laying down that leads you through each level of being in order to both connect with
From Rock Bottom to Bliss
For more than a decade, I chose to live an adventurous, challenging, and fun lifestyle. In the summer, I worked as a firefighter putting out wildfires throughout the western states in our vast network of forests. In the winter, I traveled the globe in pursuit of beautiful locations, ocean waves and volunteer opportunities. This seasonal flux between fire and water came to a crashing halt when I broke seven vertebrae and severely injured my psoas muscle while parachuting into a wildfire in Northern Idaho. With the loss of most of my physical abilities, including my consistent yoga practice, I allowed
Divine Sleep Goes Beyond Other Meditations To Truly Heal, Thrive and Flourish
“Only human beings have come to a point where they know longer know why they exist … they have forgotten the secret knowledge of their bodies, their senses, their dreams.” – John Fire Lame Deer In 2011 I was physically and mentally overwhelmed with an intense flare-up from the chronic pain condition that I’d had for about 17 years — since I was 12 years old. In my quest to heal and to manage the pain, I created a list of restorative practices to help me through. Although I had been practicing yoga off and on for ten years, I
From Anxiety to Peace
Many years ago, I was living with an overload of tensions that had contributed to years of anxiety. It had gotten to the point that after a job burnout one day, I couldn’t leave my home for fear of having another anxiety attack. I realized that no one else was going to get me out of this situation, but me, so I invited big changes into my life to at least see where this anxiety was coming from and how I could live in a state of balance again. For me, balance was something that I could come into for
Through Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra I Finally Begin To Release Long Held Pain
For years, I suffered emotional and physical pain in silence. My life had been challenging and I have felt deep pain and sadness which I had carried with me. As a child, I observed my father suffer from mental and physical illness. My teen years were turbulent, and I was forced to move away from my hometown during my junior year, leaving me feeling lost and completely alone. Vulnerable and trusting, I met and married a man who became my tormentor. We had three children that I constantly protected as best I could from his verbal and physical abuse. I
My Life Changing Retreat With Jennifer: Now I Sleep Every Night and Lost Weight
I am well and wonderful, thanks to Jennifer’s amazing workshop! I am a busy single Mom of three with a demanding full time job. And I teach at least eight yoga classes per week! Although I live a pretty holistic lifestyle, I suffered from insomnia and stress. Every night I would have to go to bed by nine pm because I was so exhausted, only to wake up at one or two am! Then I would lie awake for a couple of hours reading until I fell asleep again — only to have to wake up at 6am! I could
Divine Sleep Feeds Me Deeply
I relate to Jennifer, and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra and Five Element Yoga styles of yoga because I always feel good after! Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra is a great fit for me and what I need for at this time in my life. Divine Sleep feeds me deeply. When I am guided with Jennifer’s cd’s or when she leads me in person, I go to a place of unknown within myself. I am not sure if I am asleep or awake – but I am somewhere very peaceful. I hear her voice, but I am floating somewhere. I have been