Student Stories
Through Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra I Finally Begin To Release Long Held Pain
For years, I suffered emotional and physical pain in silence. My life had been challenging and I have felt deep pain and sadness which I had carried with me. As a child, I observed my father suffer from mental and physical illness. My teen years were turbulent, and I was forced to move away from my hometown during my junior year, leaving me feeling lost and completely alone. Vulnerable and trusting, I met and married a man who became my tormentor. We had three children that I constantly protected as best I could from his verbal and physical abuse. I
My Life Changing Retreat With Jennifer: Now I Sleep Every Night and Lost Weight
I am well and wonderful, thanks to Jennifer’s amazing workshop! I am a busy single Mom of three with a demanding full time job. And I teach at least eight yoga classes per week! Although I live a pretty holistic lifestyle, I suffered from insomnia and stress. Every night I would have to go to bed by nine pm because I was so exhausted, only to wake up at one or two am! Then I would lie awake for a couple of hours reading until I fell asleep again — only to have to wake up at 6am! I could
Divine Sleep Feeds Me Deeply
I relate to Jennifer, and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra and Five Element Yoga styles of yoga because I always feel good after! Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra is a great fit for me and what I need for at this time in my life. Divine Sleep feeds me deeply. When I am guided with Jennifer’s cd’s or when she leads me in person, I go to a place of unknown within myself. I am not sure if I am asleep or awake – but I am somewhere very peaceful. I hear her voice, but I am floating somewhere. I have been
From Pain to Peace and How I Got There
I grew up in an atmosphere where tension and stress was considered the norm. I have scoliosis, a lateral curvature of the spine, which has led to difficulties throughout my life. As a teen, I wore a body cast and dealt with pain every single day. Following high school, I obtained my BS degree in Aviation and was employed as an airline pilot and flight instructor. I also was employed in the law enforcement field as a probation officer. Go-go-go! had been my motto and it was a fast paced world. Until fifteen years ago this was great… My life
In 2011, the normal energetic feel of my life was a whirlwind of hectic, deranged, non-stop frantic chaos! It felt as though someone had jammed the fast forward button that controlled my life. I had absolutely no clue how to slow down. Shortly after that feeling engulfed me, I was diagnosed with a stage two malignant tumor in my brain in the right temporal lobe. Acknowledging that life wasn’t about to slow down for me, I had a beautiful and empowering realization that I needed to renew! I longed to feel loving vibrancy, as well as inner serenity. Even within
I Found Balance with Divine Sleep®
I was 38 and worried sick that Monday afternoon. The previous Friday, my husband of twelve years had texted to inform me he that he was canceling the three-day weekend that we had been planning. Instead, he was going to travel by himself to an undisclosed location for an indeterminate period of time. Then, I heard nothing more from him. In the thick silence of the next three days, I went through all the emotions … disbelief, worry, grief, anger, bargaining with a God I did not normally pray to, grief, anger, bargaining, disbelief, and then more worry. At 4:01
Now I Experience The World From The Deep Reservoir Of Calm Stillness And Self-Love Within
“There is a place inside you that is not broken or wounded” — Brahmani Liebman “Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of god. It’s always there. Its always in you.” — Maya Angelou Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra changed my ability to relate to myself, my fears and anxiety, and therein my life. Becoming a Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra guide allowed me impact others on a much deeper level. It shifted the focus of my teaching from guiding a yoga practice to doing healing work. Formerly my life was characterized by stress and tension. Diversion,
Yoga and Divine Sleep Helped Me Transition My Career and Step Onto a Path of Love and Healing
Before I practiced Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra I didn’t have a way to completely relax or let everything go. I often did not have an awareness of myself or know what I was feeling. I was simply rushing around in my extremely busy life. I was tense, anxious, and I carried a lot of tightness in my body. I did not always feel confident about myself. Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra allows me to completely relax and let go of everything! I practice when I’m super busy and I need to take time to stop and relax. I put on Jennifer’s
I Found that Place Inside that’s Calm
Before I regularly practiced Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra I was caught up rushing a lot and not taking a minute to breathe and be present and to just be ‘me’. I’m a ‘worrier’ and at times have negative thoughts and self-doubt rushing through my head. Just before I first took my first class with Jennifer at Kripalu Center, my husband and three children and I were caught in Hurricane Sandy. We live by the beach and our house was demolished! We had to evacuate and didn’t know what we were coming back to. For a few weeks we were roaming
Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Gave Me A Safe Space To Get To Know Me — And I Really Like Me!
Previously I sought a lot of sources outside myself in my search for balance. I imagined that the key to becoming calm and balanced was in physical exercise. I had been raising two growing kids, changed my career, and was trying to find my way as a yoga instructor and educator, but I had not found the tools to truly connect with myself in a positive way. The last twenty years of my life have been spent managing a preschool and raising my kids. When my youngest one went off to college, I decided to make a big change! My