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Kelly Garofalo

Before discovering Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra, I felt like I was mostly in a state of panic – fight or flight. My adrenals were overworked. My body begged for rest: I did not know how to invite rest or even begin to relax. Not knowing this only taxed my body, mind, and spirit further. I Kelly Garofalo

Marilyn Gold-Mandell

In the past, I was very disconnected from my body, and had little energy. Some challenging life circumstances – including being a care-giver – made me put myself last. I also was in a place of tolerating circumstances I would now find unacceptable. I endured physical trauma, was neglecting myself, and stress in my life Marilyn Gold-Mandell

Esther Brandon

The memories of the experiences of unresolved trauma can get locked in the body. This can affect the nervous system and brain, and distract us from seeing our wholeness, our innate goodness. For me, my memories from my traumatic experiences had gotten locked in my nervous system. A few years ago, I suffered a traumatic Esther Brandon

Kay Lynn Stevens

Before I began practicing yoga, I was very competitive and achievement-oriented – a classic Type A personality. I worked myself into exhaustion through over-effort in every area of my life. Through my academic training, I had become A linear thinker: analyzing data, reporting results of empirical investigations, and also teaching students to have the same Kay Lynn Stevens