Abby Yaple
Kid's Need Yoga Nidra Too!

I was introduced to yoga at a young age by my grandmother Cindy Yaple, who is a yoga teacher. I enjoyed taking the classes and sometimes got to go to her adult classes when I was three years old! (I would sit on her lap during the meditation). The breathing helped me to feel calm. Then I took yoga classes for children, participated in family yoga events, and also practiced yoga in elementary school.

Even with the yoga, I still used to have difficulty falling asleep and then staying asleep. My mind was always thinking about things that would sometimes cause me to wake up during the night. Currently, I am in middle school and on the cheer team and I have a very busy schedule.

One night, I was staying with my grandmother and she played me Jennifer Reis’s Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra for Children CD/MP3. I didn’t make it through the whole journey before I drifted off to sleep and I slept for twelve hours straight!

A few weeks later, I called my grandmother and asked her if she could send the CD to me so I could listen to it AGAIN! I found Jennifer’s voice very calming and soothing and I liked the journey with the bubbles a lot! As I continue to listen to the cd, I have never made it through the whole thing without falling asleep! I wanted to actually hear the whole thing, so I listened to it during the day a few times.

My sleep has definitely changed for the better from practicing Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra with Jennifer’s recordings. I have also invited some friends to practice with me and they liked it too! School and life for children and teens can be very stressful and I am happy to have a new tool to practice with.

I wanted to tell you my story and so I asked my grandmother who works with Jennifer if I could share it here. I hope Jennifer will make another cd for children to listen to! Thank you Jennifer!

(You are very welcome Abby! My pleasure.