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Bobbi Greenberg
Yoga Nidra: A blessing in my life.

Bobbi was instrumental in bringing Yoga Nidra Teacher Training to an amazing yoga community in Ontario this past year. It was joyous to be invited and to meet a new community. Bobbi approached me with tears of release after one powerful yoga nidra journey. She said to me “I finally got what I wished for– I finally stayed awake the entire yoga nidra.” I knew something big within her was finally integrating, she was feeling it now, and she would feel so clear and fresh soon after. I wanted to share her story with you to help us understand just how powerful Divine Sleep yoga nidra can be.

Before my daily yoga nidra practice I was living a busy chaotic life, scattered all over the place, Most of all I did not sleep well and that affected every aspect of my life. Being a type ‘A’ personality and being at a certain age when sleep is not always a sure thing, a friend gave me Jennifer’s CD, and it could not have come at a better time.

I was stressed out with my profession, which is public relations, and one of the aspects that was stressing me out was an upcoming “lobby day” in the capital, Ottawa. I had a lot of difficulty falling asleep so I began practicing Jennifer’s CD every day and I was immediately able to sleep and rest deeply. When I went to Ottawa for our annual Hill (lobbying) day, a colleague said “You are SO different.” And I was. I was much calmer, more grounded, and she could see it in my face, and how I conducted myself even during this very stressful time.

I soon got all of Jennifer’s CDs– they are a blessing in my life – and began listening to them faithfully every day because this practice helped me so much. I have a teenage daughter who also suffers from insomnia and I suggested that she try yoga nidra as a tool for sleeping. When I asked her what she remembered of the words, she could not remember anything! But when I asked her how she felt — she was actually able to sleep and stay asleep by using Jennifer’s CDs. The amazing thing is we are handling insomnia without the use of any drugs – and that alone has made yoga nidra a savior in my life.

I go to sleep with Jennifer’s CD every night! I have been practicing daily for three years now but I hear something different and new each time. I pick up on what I need in the moment and it goes right into where I need to hear it, and to soothe me.

It was my dream to bring Jennifer here to Ontario to lead our community in Yoga Nidra Teacher Training, and Aida Neves, my YTT teacher made that happen. I did the training for myself – I wanted to learn about this magic and how it worked. I wanted to meet Jennifer because her Divine Sleep yoga nidra has had such a strong and uplifting impact in my life. I love yoga nidra so much and see how much its changed my life and want to give that gift to other people.

I love how my friends and students look when they come out of yoga nidra! Pure bliss and openness. I lead my friend who just went through breast cancer surgery and she found great peace within it. My work is in the healthcare field involving ALS — a disease that is terminal with loss of the use of arms, legs and all movement. Yoga nidra is perfect for this population because they have complete mental function but can’t move, so this offers an amazing way for them to connect with their body parts and open the channels of the nervous system, not to mention calming and soothing their emotions during what can be extremely challenging chapter in one’s life.

It also works for their caregivers, who need it as well – care for the caregivers. I have lead Divine Sleep yoga nidra at our conference for social workers, caregivers and so on who work with people living with ALS and they all loved it and were amazed at what a great tool yoga nidra is.

Jennifer goes with me everywhere I go — I will not leave home without her CD’s. It’s my guide. What a gift to have this practice in my back pocket! I travel for work a lot and out of everything, the CD is the most important thing I take with me. It helps me settle in to other places and to sleep. I listen and I am calm – it’s no big deal and I go on into my day with more energy than before I practiced Divine Sleep yoga nidra.

Yoga nidra changed my life! Like most people, I have had difficult periods in my life and I feel so supported and confident knowing that when things get tough I have this amazing tool of yoga nidra to help me get through. And it does. I have become more accepting and surrendered, and the inner fighting has stopped. My sleep is much better and I awaken more rested.

I was in an extremely traumatic event a few years ago. During the Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Jennifer led us in Divine Sleep and I came to a point where the feelings surrounding the event came up. These feelings had been causing a lot of unnecessary pain in my life — I’d been living in the past with them and had been trying to move beyond. But what happened in this specific yoga nidra was remarkable – I felt the feelings, I let myself feel it, it was uncomfortable — and I had the calm presence to state ‘I’m willing to let go now’. And I let it go! It was a major breakthrough. You could go to therapy for years but yoga nidra really gets in there and shifts things in the deepest levels for the better. Jennifer, I can’t thank you enough!

Bobbi Greenberg