Bonnie Koenig
My Personal Transformation with Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra

Before practicing yoga nidra, I struggled to find work life balance. I was commuting two hours a day to work, working a full-time job, as well as being a busy mom raising two daughters – both of them training in dance – with a husband who traveled frequently for work. I felt I needed to be able to deeply relax and let go of the stress that I was under if I was to be able to continue the pace.

I struggled with finding a way to meditate or feel like I was doing it properly since my mind was always racing and going off in so many directions! When I discovered yoga nidra, I was able to listen to and follow the guided meditations that helped me to relax in a deep way that I had never experienced before.

Feeling deep relaxation helped me to be in the frame of mind to be able to create the intention to both live a more peaceful life, and to be closer to my home and children.


My ‘clear intention’ took a while to manifest but I continued with my yoga nidra practice and it’s been SO worth it! I was able to change my life so that I no longer have a two-hour commute. I am thrilled to have additional time with my daughters to get them ready for school, and drive them to their activities, and share quality time!

I am grateful to have found yoga nidra to help me relax, which has helped me get clear about what’s really important in life. My positive intentions that arose from my clarity have helped change my life in wonderful ways.

Originally I first experienced yoga nidra during my yoga teacher training. It was incredible, and unlike anything I had ever experienced! I couldn’t believe that I had been practicing yoga for almost 17 years and had never come across yoga nidra. I was looking for a yoga nidra training and luckily came across Jennifer Reis at Kripalu! I jumped at the opportunity to enroll.

I was nervous about driving the eight hours by myself from Canada to Kripalu and didn’t know anyone there. It was a huge step for me to take on this adventure by myself, but deep down, I knew it would be rewarding and strengthening! Everyone at Kripalu was extremely nice and the environment was breath taking! I also met fantastic friends.

The most surprising part for me was the personal transformation I experienced while taking the training. I guess I wasn’t expecting such a deep healing experience myself because I knew we’d be learning so much about the practice itself. Everyday Jennifer led us in Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, allowing me to become immersed by it in profound ways. The practice and the beautiful healing energy of being at Kripalu allowed me to have major personal breakthroughs that I am forever grateful for.

I lost my sister Samantha when I was 13 years old. As much as I wished it over the years, I had never been able to feel her around me since her passing. During one of the Divine Sleep Yoga Nidras we were guided in, I felt her presence! It was a beautiful and life changing experience for me. Parts of the first couple of yoga nidra practices were challenging for me to imagine a place of peace, but when I let go and stopped trying so hard, or resisting so much, I saw my sister! And she led me to my special peaceful place.

Samantha became part of my ‘peaceful place’, my inner sanctuary, and it is a feeling I will always cherish. I cried during that Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, and felt it through my whole being. Now I feel Samantha continues to be with me when I practice yoga nidra to this day.

Divine Sleep has helped my children as well. I got all of Jennifer’s CDs and two daughters love the Children’s CD and listen to the Butterfly Journey often (my eight year old listens almost every evening)! They find it so calming and relaxing and they love it!

Now I lead Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra in my own yoga classes for my students. I love to share this wonderful practice with everyone to let them know the healing and calming potential of the practice. Yoga isn’t only a physical practice, but also through yoga nidra, we can relax the mind and body for deep healing.

For more inspiration I attended Jennifer’s Advanced Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra training focusing on writing Journeys. It was a fantastic training and a reunion with the dear friends I made at Kripalu. Jennifer is an inspiration and her happy demeanor makes her trainings enjoyable. What I love about Jennifer’s teaching is that you can take parts of yoga nidra into your daily life. For example, your heart’s intention can be repeated throughout the day as a meditative mantra to keep you on track. When I’m upset or tense, I imagine myself in my peaceful inner sanctuary. These tools are special gifts that go far beyond just the 20 or so minutes of the yoga nidra practice time.

I am so grateful and blessed for the gift of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra in my life! To be able to share this experience with my family, my students and my friends is icing on the cake. Thank you for this sweetness in my life Jennifer!