Christine LeMieux
Divine Sleep Goes Beyond Other Meditations To Truly Heal, Thrive and Flourish

“Only human beings have come to a point where they know longer know why they exist … they have forgotten the secret knowledge of their bodies, their senses, their dreams.” – John Fire Lame Deer

In 2011 I was physically and mentally overwhelmed with an intense flare-up from the chronic pain condition that I’d had for about 17 years — since I was 12 years old. In my quest to heal and to manage the pain, I created a list of restorative practices to help me through. Although I had been practicing yoga off and on for ten years, I evaluated all my other routine activities, as well as my environment.

I recognized that my list of stressors was much longer than my list of restorative practices! I began to adjust the balance. I asked – What had I done in the past that was comforting and restored a sense of calm and ease to my mind and body? My most fundamental life-shaping experiences always had something to do with nature and the Great Outdoors. I felt like I was missing that now…

As part of this process of deep reflection, I stumbled upon a yoga nidra class offered in my neighborhood. Although I had been trying and practicing a variety of meditation techniques at the suggestion of my doctor, I found that yoga nidra had the deepest impact and most unparalleled results for reducing the levels of pain and anxiety I was experiencing. The 40-minute yoga nidra sessions were thoroughly restorative and rejuvenating for my tired mind and body. My yoga nidra practice became an integral step on the path back to optimal health and well-being.

Last year I felt called to learn how to become a guide for others in the practice of yoga nidra. I happened upon Jennifer’s website and training for Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, which felt rich in its understanding of and accessible in its approach to the ancient practice. I signed up for the 40-hour training in Boston knowing I was in for something transformative! What I appreciated about Jennifer’s style in particular, is how heavily she draws upon her experience in the natural world in the powerful journeys she leads. She recognizes the importance of the connection between our own psychic nature and the natural world and the elements around us. And that in turn helped me reconnect with nature.

The unique methodology Jennifer developed is precise and complete in its understanding of the mind-body nexus. For me, I can’t overstate the profound effects my regular Divine Sleep practice has had on my mind, body and spirit. It goes completely above and beyond the other types of meditation I have practiced. To me it seems Divine Sleep was designed with great comprehension of the historical, spiritual and scientific knowledge needed to produce health and wellness at core levels. And that helps me to truly heal, thrive, and flourish. You have to try it for yourself to best understand just how deeply restorative and transformative this practice can be.

I look forward now to continuing my own Divine Sleep practice, attending advanced trainings with Jennifer in the future, as well as guiding my students in this ancient practice of health and well-being.