Elizabeth “bz” Catalano
I Want To Make A Difference

As an undergraduate, I was a decent student but I lacked confidence in my abilities. I completed my degree, but I never sat for my athletic training certification exam. Then I found my passion as a massage therapist which felt like an innate ability. One of the things that I learned as a massage student is that it’s a profession that a person might not practice for very long. Many massage therapists get injured, and after a decade as a massage therapist, my right wrist could not handle the pressure anymore. I needed to change careers. And I want to make a difference in the world.

A challenge that I continually face is that my mind feels like it is constantly spinning. As soon as I wake up, the wheels start to turn. “What do I need to get done today? Did I finish reading that book? Did I answer all of my work inquiries?” And on and on it goes.

Because of this continuous chatter in my brain, I find it extremely difficult to lay down and rest, even if I’m feeling especially tired or exhausted. Although I close my eyes, I continue thinking about all the things I’ve done so far, and everything else I have yet to do, wrapped up in the day.


Luckily I discovered yoga which both helped my mind focus and gave me a new career opportunity. I was first introduced to Jennifer’s Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra during my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA. She guided us through a session and I remember feeling like I ‘came to’ at the end of the class, and wondered what had just happened.

I had no idea that I could feel so refreshed without taking a nap! That was when the first seed was planted within me about taking her teacher training. Then later during our training, Jennifer taught a Friday evening Divine Sleep workshop that was packed wall to wall! And it was after class that I knew that I needed to learn much more about this wonderful meditation.

I began practicing Deep Relaxation Divine Sleep CD a few times every week. I found this form of guided meditation has enabled me to feel refreshed without grogginess that can come from sleeping too long midday.

On Jennifer’s website, I was lucky enough to find her teacher training would be happening close to my house! So I went and was not disappointed. Jennifer is kind and patient; wise and thoughtful. I smile to myself when I hear her voice on the Deep Relaxation CD because it makes me think of her smiling face

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra teacher training was well organized. She thoroughly instructs each section, then and guides you through it experientially with yoga postures, mudras, statements, and of course with yoga nidra. Each part builds on the next as the training systematically goes on with heart. I found partnering with other students and leading each other in small segments of yoga nidra was especially useful. I received helpful and loving feedback from fellow classmates. Jennifer also gave us time to ask questions, and I found it insightful to hear what other people were wondering about.

My husband Michael and I recently took a trip to Europe and as we were landing, I listened to one of Jennifer’s 12 minute Divine Sleep tracks. This made such a huge difference in being able to stay awake and work through my jet lag.

Michael was also having a pretty devastating time trying to stay awake so I passed my headphones to him and told him to listen as I was driving us to our destination. (I did not listen while driving!). Although it was so short, when he had finished the practice, he felt as if he had taken a nap and was ready to go! He regularly tells himself in self-talk to ‘relax’, or ‘calm down’, and he appreciated being guided without having any responsibility to do it on his own.

I am thankful to have been introduced to Jennifer at Kripalu. How wonderful that she has taken her years of experience with yoga, yoga therapy, Ayurveda, massage, and meditation study to create Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra to share with anyone that wishes to learn it. I’m truly grateful to have this tool in my kit!