Ellen Faye

After a recent yoga class at Kriplau, Ellen came to me with tears in her eyes to thank me for the powerful effects and changes she has witnessed in herself with three years of practicing Yoga Nidra. She also had unfortunate news to share – she had just suffered a concussion. She told me Yoga Nidra is her ‘go to tool’ and she practiced it every day after the concussion to bring her into her body’s own healing mode. Here is Ellen’s tory:

Before I practiced Yoga Nidra, I found it really difficult to control or manage my stress. I had no tool to calm and settle myself that would work consistently. I am a ‘type A’: running businesses, raising kids, and volunteering. Professionally, I am an organizer. I help others to get their lives into order by removing clutter from their lives so they can focus on what gives satisfaction. Most of this is emotional clutter or ‘should’ clutter: ‘I should be this way’ ‘I should do that’. So I was immediately drawn to Yoga Nidra since it is a practice of non-doing and non-pushing – but with just a tiny bit of structure.

Three years ago I took Jennifer’s Yoga Nidra workshop and I have been practicing her CD’s since then. It is a very intimate experience and it feels like she is here with me. Previously when I tried to ‘relax’ my mind would run fast or I would fall asleep. Now with this practice, I can get myself to a relaxed place without falling asleep. When I find myself in a stressful period in life, it helps me manage things.

Jennifer’s Yoga Nidra CD’s are an important part of my life. When I have an acute illness like the flu, I use the ‘Infinite Healing Relaxation’ journey and I can actually heal myself! The flu goes away. I fell and got a concussion four weeks before writing this. What a learning experience that was! This incident helped me to reassess everything. My daily functioning is back, and even though my concentration is not fully there, I got clarity that was not here before — what a gift.

After the concussion I practiced every single day and I am convinced that so much of the healing that has happened is in the mind and that is exactly the level that Yoga Nidra takes me to. I willed myself better with my intention and this practice. It’s been so powerful for me.

Yoga Nidra has helped me to learn the most valuable lesson. I am fifty now, and realize that actually nothing is under control, and that knowing leads me to be more free and open to simply enjoy every moment just as it is. I ask myself ‘where would I be without Yoga Nidra?’ I feel empowered, stronger, and flow with more ease. My sleep is better. Everything is better! I have sent Jennifer’s CD’s to people in my life who have similar issues. It’s wonderful- it’s always here at any time of day for me, anywhere I go, and it works! It’s so easy and truly a wonderful path to take.

Ellen Faye