Emma Fletcher
I’ve Been Given A Great Gift…The Gift Of Myself

Under a significant amount of stress during the past couple of years, I was in a space where I knew something had to change. Fear, in its all-pervasive forms, was sticking to me like crazy glue and I needed to find a way to dissolve its hold.

My physical body had begun to pay the price, with a plethora of symptoms appearing with no seeming resolution despite my best efforts. My mental and emotional bodies were wrung out and despite having a whole lot of intellectual knowledge on how to counteract it, I was just not able to find the “off” switch to unwind. I was living in a perpetual state of anxiety, at a crossroads in many areas of my life and decision-making felt impossible. With no direction and no clear road ahead, at times I felt like a prisoner with nowhere to go.

So I took the deep dive inward to locate the cause of my discomfort and used my life experiences as a mirror. In the reflection I watched as deep-seated core beliefs emerged from the dark recesses of my mind.

Important to know, but what to do now? I caught a glimpse of the Kripalu Calendar and looked through it. The description of the Yoga and Deep Relaxation Retreat: the Gift of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, declaring that I would ‘experience deeper levels of inner freedom than I could possibly imagine’ was exactly what I was looking for! The timing was perfect…it started in less than a week….read more

I was captivated from the moment I stepped into the room the first evening of the retreat. What I learned immediately was that, although it is helpful and perfectly appropriate to receive external assistance, at some point, I needed to get involved in the process of my own healing. An empowering idea for me!

I learned about Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra and as we began to practice it, I realized the attraction for me was its ‘completeness’. Perfect in its wholeness, all-inclusive and lacking nothing. I journeyed through the layers of myself, opening up the windows and the doors and touching base with the core of my being, my essence. The week was magical and each day, I couldn’t wait to embark on another inward voyage, revealing my wholeness each time. I was “on a mission to my heart and a journey to my soul”, to use a play on Justin Hayward’s lyrics.

In the past, I had thrived on a super vigorous asana practice, but yet Jennifer’s Five Element Yoga took me places I had never been within myself. I loved the exploration of nature, and how each movement revealed something new and interesting. I embraced the power of breath, the potency of mudras, and the newly revealed sensations in my body, as we travelled along through the elements. I felt expansion of my being in multiple directions, transcending linear space. The yoga became an experience, not a series of postures to perfect.

The entire experience of the retreat was so beautifully integrated and orchestrated.

This was the most heart opening experience I had ever had. I found a softness within me that I had spent my life resisting. It was a truly transformational week. On the last day of Jennifer’s workshop we shared our experiences, and I felt hopeful — something I hadn’t felt in a long time.

Jennifer embodies the practice and this translated into a fully authentic experience for me. Her passion is reflected in all that she teaches and this is passed on effortlessly. Her assistants are compassion in action and I felt cared for and nurtured on all levels. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

I have listened to Jennifer’s CDs nearly every single day since I got back home, incorporating breath-work, postures and mudras. I even bought pencil crayons for sketching yesterday! As I continue to practice, I experience that deep sense of connectedness, and each time I listen I discover something new. I sense an organic shift taking place deep inside me.

I feel empowered and stronger, my fears and anxiety have lessened and many moments I feel intimately connected to the fabric of my whole being. Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra is truly a journey home. This practice has cultivated a deep reverence for all that I am, for life and for living, engendering a feeling of gratitude for all that I have experienced.

I’m so excited to have this powerful tool in my pocket. I feel the icy grip of my limiting core beliefs softening. A new sense of purpose now guides my life. Not only do I feel more hopeful, my creativity has been awakened, I am inspired, and in tune with the nature of myself. I feel like I’ve been given a great gift…the gift of myself.