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Eric Bennewitz
From Anxiety to Peace

Many years ago, I was living with an overload of tensions that had contributed to years of anxiety. It had gotten to the point that after a job burnout one day, I couldnā€™t leave my home for fear of having another anxiety attack. I realized that no one else was going to get me out of this situation, but me, so I invited big changes into my life to at least see where this anxiety was coming from and how I could live in a state of balance again.

For me, balance was something that I could come into for a while, and then also fall out of for awhile. I was interested in how to realize a state of balance, while being able to deal with falling out of balance more gracefully when it happens.

Enter yoga nidra. My first experience with yoga nidra was in a yoga teacher training. Upon waking up from this practice, I knew this was something that I would continue because of its simplicity and powerful effects on me physically, emotionally and mentally. I wanted to know more about this practice, so I dove into learning and practicing yoga nidra through different teachers and self-teachings.

As I became a yoga teacher, I introduced yoga nidra into classes with success. After about five years of practicing and teaching yoga nidra, I was feeling stagnant. I wanted to find somebody that would inspire me towards a deeper understanding of and ignite new ideas for presenting it to different audiences.

I came across Jenniferā€™s website and listened to her Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra meditations online on Youtube. Jennifer has a wealth of experience including yoga therapy, ayurveda and massage therapy which all contribute to the creative possibilities of creating a variety of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra.

This was what I was looking for! I contacted Jennifer to study one-on-one with her online. (I would have loved to study in-person at the Kripalu Center, but since I live in Europe, online mentoring is a great option). After a few months of studying with Jennifer, I discovered more freedom of ideas, and creativity as well as a deeper knowledge of the practice itself.

I became passionate again about practicing and leading yoga nidra. Then I made the jump over the pond (Atlantic ocean) to meet Jennifer in-person and take her Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra teacher training! I realized Jennifer not only has a wealth of knowledge to share, but also a big heart.

Within minutes of the training, I could see that Jennifer was super passionate in sharing her experiences with this practice and giving us a special experience. You can see that in the details she gives in the teacher training manual she wrote. Itā€™s loaded with ideas and inspiration.

The training was five days and I had never practiced yoga nidra twice a day before. Each journey with Jennifer was unique and effected me in different ways, but all of them deepened my awareness of myself. In the end I felt an overwhelming feeling of lightness and gratitude that surfaced.

Since the training, I find myself practicing Divine Sleep more regularly again and many times with Jenniferā€™s CD and her soothing voice. The teacher training with Jennifer had opened up new doors both in my teachings and in my personal practice. I share my experiences with anyone interested in the practice, but specifically with those who have been feeling stuck in a life with anxieties ā€“ because I donā€™t think there is any substitute for having been there yourself.

With gratitude, I look forward to continuing my mentoring sessions with Jennifer and witnessing the ā€˜peeling of the onionā€™ in both myself and those I share this potent practice with.